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It’s hard to believe that spring is already here!  For those who love the snow like I do, it was another disappointing winter here in Milton.  Instead of a winter wonderland, we simply had long, cold, grey days.  With little or no snow to play in, even the most enthusiastic winter-lover is happy to see the spring come!

There is something about spring that is exciting, even inspiring!  Though the trees are not budding yet, they soon will, and the feel of the warm sun awakens our senses and let’s us know that life is about to burst forth once again!

So it has been at RE:SOUL these first few months of 2017.  There are signs of new life in all aspects of our ministry and we know that a new season is upon us!  Whether it’s our growing connection with community partners and high schools, new students walking through our door for the first time, or our posturing for growth by looking to hire four new staff, we believe our best days are ahead of us!


With this in mind, I would like to invite you to join us this month in the following ways:

1.  Each week you will receive an email with a short story about a teen who attends the Youth Centre.*  Take the time to read and get to know some of the very real and hidden challenges our youth face today!

2.  If you are one who prays, take the time (after you’ve read the email) to pray for this generation, the youth of Milton, and those who walk through our doors!  We covet your prayers!

3.  As the ministry of RE:SOUL grows, so does our need for additional financial support.  For this reason we are introducing a Spring Fundraiser that we hope you will all take part in.  The details will be explained in the first “teen story” email you receive and we hope it will be both a simple and fun way to keep the ministry moving forward throughout the spring and summer months!


We are so thankful for you and the many others who support the work of YFC Milton / RE:SOUL Youth Centre!  Together we can make a difference in so many lives!  We already are!
Michael Burns
Director  |  RE:SOUL / YFC Milton

A game similar to that of “bump” is played on our pool table at the Youth Centre and is by far one of the teens favourite!  A rare day goes by when we don’t play it, though it is not for the faint of heart!  The youth named the game “RE:SOUL” and though not original, it certainly helped solidify our new name with the teens!
Though teens are stereotyped as always having their headphones on and disconnected from everyone else, at RE:SOUL this is rarely the case.  Whether it be playing sports outside, sitting around the table and playing games together, or yes, even playing video games, the teens want to do things together and with our leaders!  It’s great to see this community growing together!
Okay, well we did have a few weeks of cold, winter weather that allowed us to complete and enjoy our own ice rink!  Though it was short lived, many of the teens had a fun time on the ice and a few intense games of hockey took place!
* For confidentiality reasons we cannot share the actual names of students and need to blur the stories just a little.  However, each story will be an accurate representation of our youth (and youth in general today) and the challenges they face on a daily basis!

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