We see the hope and potential in every young person

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Stories of Today’s Youth


You see a group of teenagers walking home from school, at the arena, or just hanging outside the local mall.  They’re laughing, telling stories, and look to be having a good time.  In the moment they might be … but appearances can be deceiving!  If you could see who they really are, if they dared to let you in and you dared to take the time and listen, you would hear the stories of a generation who stand on shaky ground.  The reasons, they are endless and unique to every teen, but there is one common thread amongst their stories: they’re hanging on, they’re survivors, and they’re looking for reasons to hope.

Starting Monday we will begin to tell their stories!

We invite you to read and we invite you to listen with both your mind and heart engaged!  We invite you to look beyond the stereotypes and to respect their individual stories.  They are your neighbours, they are your friend’s kids and your kid’s friends, and who knows, maybe they’re even your own.  Our first conviction at RE:SOUL:  They are God’s kids and they have they been created with immeasurable value and worth!  Therefore, we must begin to invest in this generation as such!  Their lives truly matter!


Michael Burns
Director, RE:SOUL Youth Centre / YFC Milton

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